Olga B. Vaishlya

Candidate of Science
Tomsk State University
Level of English proficiency
В2 – Advantage or upper intermediate
Educational program and field of the educational program for which the applicant will be accepted
06.04.01 Biology (direction of training)
Fundamental and Applied Biology (profile of the educational program)

List of research projects of the potential supervisor (participation/leadership)
1) Grant P-628 “Assessment of mycotrophy and bacterial biota of the rhizosphere of conifers in forest ecosystems of Western Siberia” of the Federal target program “Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia” for 2010–2013.” (Leadership)

2) Grant № 069-2015-02 of the Competition of the departmental target program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Advanced training of engineering and technical personnel for 2015–2016.” Project “Experience in the application of global effective technologies for cultivating plants for engineering and technical workers of the forestry complex of the Russian Federation” (Leadership)

3) RFBR grant No. 15-29-02588 “Biota of mycorrhiza-forming macromycetes of pine and cedar forests in the Tomsk region and their ecosystem role”, 2015-2018. (Leadership)

4) Project ERA.Net RUS (France-Germany-Russia) “The Agro-potential of Western Siberia Territories in a Changing Climate (A-WeST-CC)” - STProjects-226, 2010-2012. (Supervisor from TSU)

5) RFBR grant “Project for organizing the XV International Meeting of the Commission for the Study of Macromycetes, 08/19/2018 – 08/26/2018” (Local organizer)

6) INTAS Grant No. ESA 99-00444: “Ways to enhance closeness of biological turnover for human life-support systems involving photosynthetic regeneration human habitat”, 1999-2002 (Participation)

7) Project “Structural and functional state of forest ecosystems under conditions of anthropogenic impact” within the framework of the TSU template under state contract No. 5.4160.2011. (Participation)

8) Project “Biotic components of ecosystems, their properties, resource potential and dynamics in the conditions of transformation of the natural environment of Western Siberia”, state contract No. 6.657.2014/K (Participation )

9) Project “Transformation of the biodiversity of Siberia in the context of the ecological and genetic characteristics of species and the dynamics of environmental parameters”, State support for leading universities of the Russian Federation in order to increase their competitiveness among the world's leading scientific and educational centers (5-100), 2018-2020. (Participation)

10) Project of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. IRN-BR06249252 “Mycorrhizal macromycetes of the main forest-forming species of Central and North-Eastern Kazakhstan and their use for artificial mycorrhization of seedlings of forest tree species”, 2018-2020. (Scientific consultant)

11) FASIE project “Development of a method for immobilizing biological products on various carriers to improve consumer properties and product quality”: state contract No. 3783r/6179, 2005-2009. (Leadership)

12) FASIE project “Development and testing of a biological preparation of the fungus Suillus sibiricus based on Ca-alginate capsules and research of its effectiveness for accelerated reproduction of seedlings when replanting coniferous trees”: state contract No. 7924r/11526, 2010-2012. (Leadership)

13) FASIE project “Development and testing of a line of biological products for mycorrhization of pine, spruce, fir and larch roots”: state Contract No. 10947r/11526, 2012-2014. (Leadership)
List of the topics offered for the prospective scientific research
1) Development of a search program for screening producers of new pharmaceuticals for therapeutic, prophylactic and medicinal purposes among representatives of the mycobiota of forest ecosystems of the Tomsk region

2) Development and testing of microbiological fertilizers and biopesticides for the agricultural sector

3) Ectomycorrhizal associations of conifers as an example of the close symbiosis of Plantae-Mycota

4) Modified carbon nanotubes to increase drought resistance of plants

5) Molecular genetic aspects of studying the fungal symbiont as part of ectomycorrhizal associations of woody plants

6) A new way to regulate the number of plant pests and pathogens using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation

7) Ecological aspects of cultivation of the basidiomycete Neolentinus lepideus (Fr.) Redhead & Ginns 1985 (will be changed) and its pharmacological properties

8) Development of technology for reducing the pesticide load on the environment through the introduction of biological products based on rhizosphere fungi and bacteria

Supervisor’s research interests
Supervisor’s main publications
1) Vaishlya O.B., Kudashova N.N., Gashkov C.I., Bakhtinskaya I.A. First List of Macromycetes Forming Ectomycorrhizas in Cedar and Pine Forests of Tomsk Region of West Siberia // International Journal of Environmental Studies – 2017. DOI: 10.1080/00207233.2017.1294422

2) Vaishlya O.B., Osipov N.N. and Belenko A.A. Use of Modified Carbon Nanotubes in Agricultural Technologies // Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vol. 682 (2014) pp 346-350

3) E. Baltrenaite, A. Lietuvninkas, P. Baltrenas, B. R. Singh, N. Moskvitina, and O. Vaishlya. The Influence of Some Particular Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Distribution of Metal Concentrations in the Soil–Pine System / In book: Plants, Pollutants and Remediation /Münir Öztürk, Muhammad Ashraf, Ahmet Aksoy, M.S.A. Ahmad Khalid Rehman Hakeem Editors: Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London © Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2015. – 405 p./ P. 191 – 212. DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-7194-8

4) A.P. Kozhemyakov, Yu.V. Laktionov, T.A. Popova, A.G. Orlova, A.L. Kokorina, O.B. Vaishlya, E.V. Agafonov, S.A. Guzhvin, A.A. Churakov, M.T. Yakovleva. Agrotechnological bases for creating improved forms of microbial biological products for agriculture // Agricultural biology. – 2015. – T.50, No. 3. – P. 369 – 376

5) Belogolova G. A., Sokolova M.G., Gordeeva O.N., Vaishlya O.B. Speciation of arsenic and its accumulation by plants from rhizosphere soils under the influence of Azotobacter and Bacillus bacteria // Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 2015. № 149. P. 52-58

6) Filippova N, Ageev D, Bolshakov S, Davydov EA, Filippova A, Filippov I, Gashkov S, Gorbunova I, Kalinina L, Kudashova N, Palomozhnykh E, Shabanova N, Tomoshevich M, Vayshlya O, Vlaesnko A, Vlasenko V, Vorobʼeva I, Yakovchenko L, Zvyagina E (2021) The fungal literature-based occurrence database for southern West Siberia (Russia). Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e76789. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.9.e76789

7) Sokolova M.G., Akimova G.P., Vaishlya O.B. Effect of phytohormones synthesized by rhyzosphere bacteria on plants // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 2011. V.47. № 3. P. 274-278

Results of intellectual activity
1) Vaishlya O.B., Bondarenko A.A. Bacterial strain AZ D10 VKM V-2272 D, which has growth-stimulating properties and is resistant to deltamethrin // MKI C12N1/20. Floor. decide according to application 2002123083 dated 08/20/2002. Published in the BI RF on March 27, 2004

2) Vaishlya O.B., Vedernikova A.A. A strain of bacteria Bacillus megaterium that mobilizes phosphorus and silicon from lithosphere objects and is resistant to polyhexamethylene guanidine // // RU 2327737 C2. Floor. decide according to application 2006127732/13 dated 08/01/2006. Published in the BI RF on June 27, 2008. Bull. No. 18

3) Vaishlya O.B., Vedernikova A.A., Folin A.M. Means for increasing the survival rate and stimulating the growth of seedlings and saplings of Siberian pine // RU 2434938 C2. Positive decision on application 2010105964/10 dated 02/24/2010. Published in the BI RF on November 27, 2011. Bull. No. 33.

Study of plant-microbial associations, application of symbiotic technologies in the restoration of forest resources and agriculture. Physiological and biochemical features of photo- and mycobiont in the composition of ectomycorrhizal associations of coniferous trees. Induced resistance of plants to harmful environmental factors and pathogens. Identification of industrially significant species of macromycetes from the list of mycobiota of the Tomsk region for the development of new technology for the restoration of forest resources and for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Research highlights
Applied focus of research work with filing an application for an international patent.
Collaboration with colleagues from Germany, Austria, France, Taiwan, Kazakhstan
Supervisor’s specific requirements
Mastering of basic university' disciplines: Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Plant physiology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology - with laboratory classes.
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