Olonova Marina V.,
Doctor of Science
Tomsk State University
Level of English proficiency
Educational program and field of the educational program for which the applicant will be accepted
1.5.9. Botany
List of research projects of the potential supervisor (participation/leadership)
1. Title: Research of plant biodiversity within family Poaceae (Poa L. and Festuca L.) (№ 12-04-90723)
Funding agency: Russian Fund for Basic Research
Principal investigator: M. Olonova
2. Title: Population variability and phylogeography of plants of non-tropical Asia in accordance with Quaternary climate change based on model ferns and grasses (№ 13-04-01715-а)
Funding agency: Russian Fund for Basic Research
Principal investigator: M. Olonova
3. Title: Polymorphism and specificity of St-Y- genome species Elymus gmelinii and E. pendulinus in the Asian part of Russia, inferred by classic methods of systematics and molecular genetic (№ 14-34-50524-мол)
Funding agency: Russian Fund for Basic Research
Principal investigator: M. Olonova
. 4. Title: Speciation and phylogeography in Asian Russia according with Quaternal climate change on example of model genera of grasses (N 16-04-01605)
Principal investigator: M. Olonova
5. Title: Dynamics of the grasses ranges in the territory of Asian Russia in conditions of the changing climate in the Cenozoic (on the example of model genera). (N 19-04-00973) 2019
Funding agency: Russian Fund for Basic Research.
Principal investigator: M. Olonova
6. Title: Microevolution, phylogeny and formation of biodiversity of xeromorphic grasses of extratropical Asia by the example of bluegrass (Poa L.) of the P. versicolor aggregate.
(N 22-24-00994) 2022
Funding agency: Russian Scientific Fund
Principal investigator: M. Olonova

List of the topics offered for the prospective scientific research
Research of the (genus of cereals depending on the territory of residence of the potential graduate student): taxonomy, ecology, distribution.
Supervisor’s research interests
Supervisor’s main publications

1.Olonova MV, Shiposha VD, Romanets RS, Singh H. Phenotypic plasticity of the stem epidermis in the bluegrasses (Poa L.) of section Stenopoa Dumort. (Poaceae). II. Xeromorphic species
Acta Biologica Sibirica 8: 673–692. https://doi.org/10.14258/abs.v8.e42 (2022)
2. Soreng R.J., Olonova M.V., Probatova N.S., Gillespie L.J. Breeding systems and phylogeny in Poa L., with special attention to Northeast Asia: the problem of Poa shumushuensis Ohwi and sect. Nivicolae (Poaceae). Journal of Systematics and Evolution June 2020 DOI:
3. Olonova, M., Gudkova, P., Navruzshoev, D., Barkworth, M. (2020). Endemic and relic species plants of Badakhshsan (Pamirs) and new approach to their conservation. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 10(6), 1-8.
4. Olonova M.V., Vysokikh T.S., Mezina N. S. Structure of ecologo-climatic niches of Poa palustris L. and P. nemoralis L. (Poaceae) in Asian Russia //Contemporary Problems of Ecology. 2018. Vol. 11, № 6. P. 604-613.
5. Olonova M.V., Gussarova G.L., Brysting A.K. & Mezina N.S. 2016: Introgressive hybridization in mesomorphic bluegrasses, Poa section Stenopoa, in western Siberia. — Ann. Bot. Fennici 53: 43–55.

Results of intellectual activity
1. Olonova MV 2016. Genus Poa L. in Siberia. Tomsk, Publ. House of TSU. 360 p.
2. Zhu GH, Liu L, Olonova MV. 2006. Poa subg. Stenopoa Dumortier, in Soreng et L.J. Gillespie (eds). Flora of China vol. 22: 295-309. Beijing - St.-Louis. (Olonova MV. 2007. Illustrations of 6 Siberian bluegrasses, in Flora of China vol. 22 (Beijing - St. Louis).
3. Olonova MV. 2001. Poa L. in Flora of Siberia (English translation). Scienсe Publishers Inc. pp.165-189, 317-323. (Olonova MV. 1990. Poa L. in Flora of Siberia (in Russian), vol. 2: 163-186, 308-315, Novosibirsk).
4. Olonova, M.V., Gudkova P.D., Shomurodov H., Adylov B., Rakhimova N., Khabibullaev B., Polvonov F. Creating a bioclimate model of the species (in Uzbek). 2021 February 2021. Publisher: Muxr press ISBN: 978-9943-5461-8-9

Systematics and phylogeny of grasses, plant anatomy, morphological and genetic diversity, biogeography, ecological and climatic modeling, plant concervation
Supervisor’s specific requirements
Experience in the plant taxonomy
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