Lyudmila l. Meisner
Doctor of Science (Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS)
Tomsk State University
Level of English proficiency
Writing, reading and translating scientific articles
Educational program and field of the educational program for which the applicant will be accepted
1.3. Physical Sciences (educational program)
1.3.8. Condensed state physics (field of the educational program)
List of research projects of the potential supervisor (participation/leadership)
The Government research assignments for ISPMS SB RAS, projects 23.2.1 (2017-2020), FWRW 2021-0003 (2021-2025) – head of projects;
RFBR projects №15-13-00023, №18-19-00198, №22-29-00047 head of projects
List of the topics offered for the prospective scientific research
(1) Structure and properties of metallic materials surface layers modified using ion- and/or electron-beam technologies.
(2) Influence of ion-, electron-beam types of surface treatments on deformation and fracture of titanium-based alloys under quasi-static and cyclic loading.
Supervisor’s research interests
Meisner S.N., Vlasov I.V., Yakovlev E.V., Panin S.V., Meisner L.L., D’yachenko F.A. Impact of electron beam surface modification on deformation behavior and fracture properties of TiNi shape memory alloy // Materials Science & Engineering A – 2019. – Vol. 740. – P. 381–389, (3-Year IF: 3.791, Q1)
V.O. Semin, L.L. Meisner. Atomic structure of an amorphous Ti-Ta-based surface alloy synthesized on a TiNi substrate by an electron-beam method. Applied Surface Science. - 2019. - Vol. 491. - P. 411-419,
L.L. Meisner, V.P. Rotshtein, V.O. Semin, A.B. Markov, E.V. Yakovlev, S.N. Meisner, D.A. Shepel, A.A. Neiman, E.Yu. Gudimova, F.A. D’yachenko, Mukhamedova R.R. Microstructural characterization and mechanical behavior of nanocomposite Ti-Ni-Nb surface alloys synthesized on TiNi SMA substrate by additive thin-film electron-beam mixing // Materials Characterization. 2020.–Vol.166. 110455. (WoS Q1)
Rotshtein V.P., Semin V.O., Meisner L.L., Yakovlev E.V., D’yachenko F.A., Meisner S.N., Neiman A.A., Markov A.B. TEM study of bubble formation in Ti-Ta-Si-Ni metallic glass surface alloy on TiNi SMA substrate during additive thin-film electron-beam synthesis // Vacuum – 2021. – Vol. 194C. – P. 110597, , IF = 3,627; WoS Q1
M.G. Ostapenko, V.O. Semin, F.A. D’yachenko, L.L. Meisner [et al.] Structure and residual stress distribution in TiNi substrate after fabrication of surface alloy using electron-beam treatments / //Acta Materialia. 2022. Vol. 231. P. 117893. (SJR 2.83, Q1 WoS, Scopus).

РResults of intellectual activity
Patents - 17, including:
(1) Meisner L.L., Markov A.B., Ozur G.E., Rothstein V.P., Meisner S.N., Yakovlev E.V., Gudimova E.Y., Semin V.O. Method of synthesis of surface Ti-Ta-Ni alloys with amorphous and/or amorphous-crystalline structure on substrates from TiNi alloys for medical use. Patent/Application No. 2017137653/15(065731), 2017-10-30. Patent/Application No. 2666950. Published: 13.09.2018. Bulletin No. 26.
Educational and methodical works - 8, including:
1. Meisner L.L. Crystallography: textbook for the course of lectures. Certificate of registration, № 22636, № 0321101564 22.06.2011.
2. Meisner L.L. X-ray structure analysis: textbook for the course of lectures. Certificate of Registration, № 22840, № 0321101564 07.07.2011.
3. Meisner L.L. Solution of crystallographic problems using the Wolfe grid. Spetspraktikum. Tomsk, TSU. 2011, -25 с.
Сondensed state physics, structural phase transformations, surface modification, synthesis of surface alloys using ion and electron beams, ion-plasma treatments, structure and properties of titanium-based alloys, problems of biocompatibility of metallic materials.
Supervisor’s specific requirements
Compulsory background of the candidate:
(1) Compulsory disciplines - specialized disciplines in the major 1.3.8 Condensed State Physics;
(2) Methods he/she should be proficient in - PCA, OM, SEM, PEM;
(3) The ability to use software -Origin Lab., Mathematica, Excel or other software for processing scientific results.
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