Elena A. Frolova
Tomsk State University/ Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea
English level
The direction of training for which the graduate student will be accepted
The code of the field of study for which the graduate student will be accepted
List of research projects of a potential supervisor
(participation /leadership)
1. RGNF, project 14-12-70009 "Analysis of the impact of economic decisions on the quality of life and economic activity of older people" (2014-2015).

2. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation 220, Contract No. 14.Z50.31.0029, "Assessment and improvement of social, economic and emotional well-being of elderly people" (2014-2018)

3.RFBR, 19-010-00984 "Development of a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the involvement of older people in regional society" (2019-2020).

4. RFBR - Administration of the Tomsk Region, 19-410-700003 "Active longevity in the Tomsk region: design and testing of the evaluation system" (2019).

5. RNF 19-18-00282 "Development of a comprehensive system for assessing the inequality of older people and designing tools to
strengthen their resilience” (2019-2021).
Main performer.
List of possible research topics
Corporate social responsibility standards: a comparative analysis of international and domestic approaches
ESG strategies: goals and implementation tools
Social investments of international and national companies
Economic impacts of climate change
Comparative analysis of the regional quality of life
Methods and approaches to measuring active aging
Poverty reduction policy
The impact of income inequality on the development of the country's economy
Social dilemmas and cooperative behavior
main publications
6 articles Web of Science, 5 articles Scopus, 3 articles RSCI.

1. Inequality Perceptions and Redistribution Preferences: an International Comparison/ E. A. Frolova, V. A. Malanina,, E.I. Klemasheva, E.R. Kashapova // Terra Economicus. 2022. V. 20 (1). pp. 81-101.
2. Frolova E. A. Tools for Strengthening The Resilience of The Older Generation During The Covid-19 Pandemic on The Example of The Tomsk Active Ageing Academy / E. A. Frolova, V. A. Malanina // Tomsk State University Journal. 2021. V. 473. pp. 154-160.
3. Frolova E. A. Assessing The Impact of Pandemic on The Resilience of Older Adults in Tomsk Region / E. A. Frolova, V. A. Malanina // Advances in Gerontology. 2021. V. 34 (6). pp. 928-933.
4. Frolova E.A. Active ageing index in Siberian regions / Frolova E.A., Malanina V.A. // Economy of Regions. 2021. Т. 17, № 1. С. 209-222.
5. Active ageing index: A Russian study / G. A. Barysheva, E. A. Frolova, V. A. Malanina, E. A. Taran // Building Evidence for Active Ageing Policies: Active Ageing Index and its Potential, 2018. Springer Singapore pp. 409-435.

Supervisor’s research interests
Inequality and poverty politics
Public governance
Sustainable development
ESG strategy (business and state)
Active ageing (indicators and policy implications)
Pro-social preferences and social responsibility

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