Yulia A. Frank,
Candidate of Science
Tomsk State University
Level of English proficiency
Upper Intermediate
Educational program and field of the educational program for which the applicant will be accepted
1.5. Biological Science
1.5.15 Ecology
List of research projects of the potential supervisor (participation/leadership)
1. Project under the Development Program of Tomsk State University (Priority-2030) “Detection and identification of microplastics in the components of the natural environment of the Ob basin” No. ONG, 2022-2023, leader.
2. Project of the Russian Science Foundation "Distribution and accumulation of microplastics in the rivers of Siberia" No. 22-27-00720, 2022-2023, leader.
List of the topics offered for the prospective scientific research
1. Microplastics in small rivers of Siberia.
2. Redistribution of microplastics in freshwater bottom sediments under the action of macrozoobenthos organisms.
3. Bioaccumulation of microplastics by Siberian fish.
4. Transport of microplastics in freshwater food chains.
5. Distribution of microplastics in the ice-water interphase in Siberian Rivers during the winter period.
Supervisor’s research interests
Supervisor’s main publications:

1. Frank Y.A., Vorobiev D.S., Vorobiev E.D., Samarinova A.A., Antsiferov D.V., Strezov V. Ability of benthic oligochaetes to bury microplastics in aquatic bottom sediments. Science of the Total Environment 2023, 857, 159687. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.159687.
2. Frank Y., Vorobiev D., Mandal A., Lemeshko Y., Rakhmatullina S., & Darbha G.K. Freshwater fish Siberian dace ingest microplastics in the remote Yenisei tributary. Toxics 2023, 11(1), 38. https://doi.org/10.3390/toxics11010038.
3. Frank Y., Ershova A., Batasheva S., Vorobiev E., Rakhmatullina S., Vorobiev D., Fakhrullin R. Microplastics in Freshwater: A Focus on the Russian Inland Waters. Water 2022, 14(23), 3909. https://doi.org/10.3390/w14233909.
4. Frank Y.A., Vorobiev E.D., Vorobiev D.S., Trifonov A.A., Antsiferov D.V., Soliman Hunter T., Wilson S.P., Strezov V. Preliminary screening for microplastic concentrations in the surface water of rivers Ob and Tom in Siberia, Russia. Sustainability 2021, 13(1), 80. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13010080.
5. Frank Y.A., Vorobiev D.S., Merzlyakov O.E., Sataev F.R., Trifonov A.A., Kopylov E.O., Stryuk K.V., Kalinovskaya E.A., Gronskiy S.V., Chibrikov O.V., Perminova V.V., Branevskiy Y.V., Kulizhskiy S.P., Hunter T.S. Cleaning of oil-polluted bottom sediments of the boreal lake, Samotlor oil field, North Russia: case report. Water Science and Technol. 2020. 82(12): 3062-3073. ttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33341793/.

Результаты интеллектуальной деятельности:
1. Метод очистки донных отложений водоемов от нефти и нефтепродуктов и устройство для его осуществления. Патент RU 2570460 C1.
2. Устройство для стационарного отбора микропластика из водотоков. Патент RU 210299 U1.
3. Способ отбора проб микропластика в водотоках. Патент RU 2782144.

Microplastics in freshwater ecosystems of Siberia: accumulation and distribution.
– Ecotoxicology of microplastics and its impact to freshwater biota.
– Biological and complex methods for cleaning the environment from petroleum hydrocarbons.
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